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31 Oct

25 Web Design Definitions You Need to Know: Part II

When you embark on the task of getting your own website set up you are confronted with a lot of technical jargon you might be unfamiliar with. You know how you want your website to look, but how can you explain it to a web designer that expects you to decide on technical aspects you don’t know about?

Here at Clicks & Mortar Websites we’ve come up with a small glossary of 25 Web Design definitions that should make your journey a bit easier.  This is our second set of definitions. We hope you find them useful!

  1. CMS: it stands for Content Management System, which is a platform that runs on the back end of your website and is used to manage the content displayed on your site. There are several different CMS, each with its own level of difficulty, but there are some user-friendly CMS that allow you to move things around without the help of a web designer once your website is set up.
  2. COPYWRITING: redacting content (copy) optimized for advertising or marketing. This goes beyond knowing how to write to sell: nowadays, copywriting requires the knowledge of techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that include the use of key phrases and key words that will help more people find your website. A person who can write this type of material is referred to as a copywriter.
  3. IP ADDRESS: a unique set of numbers that identifies each device (computer, mobile phone, TV, etc.) connected to the internet or a local network of devices, such as all the computers in an office.
  4. DOMAIN: the name you choose for your website. It can contain up to 63 characters and you can use any combination of letters, hyphens and numbers that’s available for the extension you choose (.com, .net, .org, .me, etc.)
  5. E-COMMERCE: the practice of buying or selling physical or digital products and services online. It stands for Electronic Commerce.

Were you familiar with any of these definitions? We’re trying to build a simple glossary that will be helpful when you decide to go on and get a website for your business. Here at Clicks and Mortar Websites we would love to build it for you!

See you soon for five more web design definitions you need to know!


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