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12 Dec

25 Web Design Definitions You Need to Know: Part V

When you embark on the task of getting your own website set up you are confronted with a lot of technical jargon you might be unfamiliar with. You know how you want your website to look, but how can you explain it to a web designer that expects you to decide on technical aspects you don’t know about?

Today we reach the end of our small glossary of 25 Web Design Definitions You Need to Know! It’s been quite a fun ride. Have you enjoyed it as much as we have? Are you ready for our final set of definitions? Let’s get to it!

  1. MOBILE-FRIENDLY: it refers to the ability of a website’s configuration to adapt to the requirements and size of tablets or cell phones so it can be functional on those smaller screens.
  2. PERMALINK: an address, or permanent link that directs visitors straight to a particular publication. Permalinks are especially helpful when you update your website frequently and want to make sure visitors can get to what they’re looking for without taking too long to find it.
  3. RSS: Really Simple Syndication allows visitors to subscribe to a website (mainly blogs) so they can receive updates every time new content is published instead of having them constantly checking a website to see if there’s anything new.
  4. SCRIPT: a portion of code on an HTML page that acts like a sequence of instructions aiming to make a webpage more dynamic. For example, a script could be used to display a series of pictures every time a site loads.
  5. USABILITY: it describes the ability of a website to fulfill the expectations of the visitor. Is the site easy to navigate? Does it consistently use the same colors on every page? Is the information easy to find? That defines usability.

Thank you for joining us in this experience! How do you feel about this small glossary we’ve put together? Would you like us to come up with more definitions? We would appreciate any feedback you can provide. Here at Clicks and Mortar Websites we’d love to chat with you and help you build the website of your dreams. Let’s give it a try!


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