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20 Apr

3 Core Elements for a Successful Website

So you're thinking that you need a new website, but you're not quite ready to pull the trigger and get started. There may be some lingering thoughts in your mind about the things that you need to do in order to successfully create a website for your business.

The good news is that if you've hired a good company to work with you on this project there shouldn't be too much that you need to do. Besides, those things that you *do* need to do, they should be able to help walk you through.


1. Who you are and what you do

Generally, you should have a pretty good idea about this one, because after all you either have a business or are looking to start one. Having a clear idea of who you are and what you do will help you create a site map, which is the organizational structure of your website. A good web firm will have a short interview with you to find out more information so that they can better walk you through what information would be good to include and where it falls on the website.


2. Pictures and/or Product

The saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words". Depending on the type of business that you're in, you'll want to have good, professional pictures of your facility and/or the product that you're offering. Having a professional picture can make a world of difference. That picture alone could lead some customers to buy your product, take the time to contact you or visit your place of business. If you've made the investment to have a firm build a professional website, why would you use pictures that are less than professional?


3. Goals and Purpose of the website

In order to create a successful website, you will want to figure out what the purpose for creating it is in the first place. Do you want people to buy your product(s) directly from the website? Do you want them to sign up for something you're offering? Is your website aimed to just inform/educate your audience?

Knowing your overall goals for the website will help the firm that creates it deliver the right solution for your needs and help you think through the big picture.

At Clicks & Mortar we take the time to help you understand the goals and objectives for the website and help you think through that big picture. Each website that we work on we want to be successful, but success is something that needs to be defined from the beginning. Working with us, we can help you think through that big picture and deliver a website that will meet and/or exceed your goals. Give us a call today or drop us an email so we can see how we can help.


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