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04 Apr

5 Important Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Website

Are you considering a redesign for your website? That's great! For most Internet users, browsing online is just like window-shopping, and you know that the business that brings in the most customers is the one with the most attractive window. That's what you want for your website.

But where should you begin? There's so many things out there that you might want for your site, but they won't necessarily work. So how can you tell which things should not be left out? Luckily for you, we have made a list of the most important things to consider when redesigning your website:


1) Easy to navigate

Many websites have sidebars, dropdown menus at the top and many subcategories that are not only confusing, but also make the experience of browsing your site a difficult one. Keeping things tidy should be a priority. By the way...


2) Mobile-ready

Plenty of Internet users will reach your website via a tablet or smartphone and your site design must be able to accommodate their browser. This means that not only should it be easy to navigate, but also that it should load fast. Optimized images will help you have a fast website.


3) Clean design

Attracting and engaging customers is the main goal of any business-oriented website, right? At first you might think that having a shiny site with plenty of colors would do the trick, but it's quite the opposite. Simple, elegant forms are more pleasant for most Internet users; they tend to stay away from those they find too loud or colorful. Picking a set of colors that will work well together, as well as having a tidy design will make the site visitors feel like they're seeing a clean, elegant site and they'll be willing to spend more time browsing for your products or services.


4) Branding

You immediately thought of a logo, right? And that's good, but effective branding is so much more than posting a logo everywhere. To brand your business means that you are creating a personality for it, if you will. That goes beyond the logo itself; it implies coming up with a distinctive way you'll address your potential customers, a font type, even a set of colors. It's all important and it should all be integrated, designed in such harmony that they work well together.


5) Regular content

A beautiful website is wasted when there are no regular updates on its content. Ideally, there should be a plan drawn beforehand to periodically upload new content, whether they are pictures or articles. You could also feature customer reviews or external ratings. It is also crucial to keep in mind that if you have an online store, your inventory should be constantly updated so your potential customers get precise information; this way they'll be more open to keep their business with you.

At this point having your website redesigned might seem much more expensive and difficult than you expected. There are many areas of expertise that get together in the process, but here at Clicks & Mortar Websites we can take care of all of them at a reasonable, affordable price. Yes, we can even take care of keeping your website up to date. Get in touch with us so we can help you with your web design needs!


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