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03 May

5 Reasons You Think Your Small Business Doesn’t Need a Website, but It Does: An Introduction

The thought has crossed most small business owners’ mind from time to time: should I invest money and put up a website for my venture? Most likely it has crossed your mind too! And if it has, you know what comes up next: you start thinking about a number of reasons why it might not be necessary for your business. Can you keep it updated? Is it really worth it? Shouldn’t you just put up a Facebook page and be done with it?

These are, of course, valid questions. Most of us don’t want to get caught up with unnecessary tasks we won’t be able to keep up with, or are afraid that we just won’t know how to handle all the technical details involved with it. It can seem like a lot, and sometimes it is.

In a series of five posts, here at Clicks & Mortar Websites we will cover five of the main reasons people think their business doesn’t need a website. Our goal is to help you see its potential, but also what’s involved in the process of setting it up, running it and keeping in updated, so you can make a decision on your own and see if that’s the right choice for you. But which reasons are those?

  1. "A website is not really that relevant for my business/industry"
  2. "It’s very expensive!"
  3. "Why go through the trouble of setting up a website if I can just use social media to interact with my customers?"
  4. "I wouldn’t know how to do that"
  5. "I really don’t have the time to keep it updated"

Do those sound familiar to you? These are really common ideas, really; but they aren’t necessarily correct. Getting a website up and running is something we excel at, but before we jump to tell you that you must have one, we’d like to show you why. So we hope you’d join us in the next few posts and get some ideas from our little series that perhaps will make it easier to figure it out by yourself.


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