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24 May

Can Social Media Profiles Replace a Website?

This is the third of a series of five posts; here at Clicks & Mortar Websites, we will cover five of the main reasons people think their business doesn’t need a website. Our goal is to help you see its potential, but also what’s involved in the process of setting it up, running it and keeping in updated, so you can make a decision on your own and see if that’s the right choice for you.


On our previous post, we covered the second out of five reasons small business owners feel they don’t need to get a website: money. While most providers will require upfront payments that are a pretty penny, some others, like Clicks & Mortar Websites, provide customized options for your business, offering monthly plans. Cool, isn’t it?

Now that money is out of the way, let’s take a wild guess here and say that most businesses, however small they may be, have a social media profile. Most likely, a Facebook page. They upload pictures of their products or store, share news and deals, and try to interact with their clientele. That, some business owners think, is enough to put their business online.

And while it covers some of your internet needs, neither Twitter nor Facebook can actually replace having a dedicated website for your business. Here’s why:

  1. Social Media is fast-paced. Most people will only take a look at what’s being said at the moment and won’t go back to check on previously posted items unless they are really interested in them. This is not good for business, since most potential customers will go for the latest advertised product, not because it’s better, but because it was the first one they saw.
  2. Followers don’t equal clientele.  The sporadic interest a person might express by liking your Facebook page or following your business’ profile on Twitter will not necessarily translate into sales unless you take the time to create a specific dynamic in order to keep a conversation with them. That takes time and a targeted strategy.

By having a website, all of the information you would normally post on a social media profile will be stored and displayed in one place. Creating and updating social media profiles for your business is not a bad idea, but when you combine it with a website where all of your business information is displayed at once, it can be so much more powerful. Here at Clicks & Mortar we can even provide with logo designs and cover pages for your social media profiles! You should check it out


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