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15 Jan

Does My Small Business Need a Website?

Guess what we got in the mail the other day?  That’s right, a phone book.  There were immediate questions about what do with it followed by, “Did they send that over from the Smithsonian?”

Guess what we did with it? Took it right to the garbage (after I captured a photo of a relic from the past of course).  Just kidding, we recycled it, we love the earth.


People overwhelming no longer use printed listings to find their products and services.  Recently, my farmer uncle challenged my sister to a phone book vs. mobile phone duel. He was convinced he could look up a business using the yellow pages faster than my sister could find it using her smartphone.  Needless to say, my uncle lost the duel and he is part of the increasing minority who uses printed listings.  Even though he is the only person I know who is anti-smartphone, I know for a fact he uses the internet to purchase his chicks for his chicken coop.


With no website, what are you relying on for potential customers to find your business?




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