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10 Mar

Experience Matters

Just last week, the Slaughters took a trip down to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The adult to child ratio was kind of ridiculous as it was 6 adults to 2 children. Needless to say, most of us adults were as excited about Disney as the two children on the trip. I have to admit that I wasn’t one of those adults, at first. I knew Disney World was an awesome and magical place, but my concern was that the hassle of the logistics of the experience would outweigh what fun there was to be had. In particular, I was dreading parking, crowds, lines, tons of crying children, and more lines. 

All you crazy Disney lovers out there will be happy to know that I was dead wrong. Disney has their junk together! Parking was a breeze; there was always a parking attendant to direct us exactly where to park. The whole 5 days I was at Disney, I waited in one long line. Thanks to the FastPass system, we were able to pick the rides we wanted to go on and basically get right on at our appointed time. The one line I did wait in was for the Test Track presented by Chevrolet at Epcot and it was well worth wait. Maybe it was the magic of Disney or maybe families are getting smart about the adult to kid ratio like the Slaughters, but I barely noticed any crying children. As far as crowds, only once did I feel overwhelmed by the amount of people in Magic Kingdom. Even after the late night fireworks show, when everyone was leaving the park at the same time, there was little to no waiting or hassle involved. 

Check out the car we designed at the Test Track...

I’m truly impressed by my experience. We all had a blast, kids and adults.

This is me before, during, and after the Mad Tea Party ride.

Here's the family getting ready to eat with Chef Mickey...

Now to mind warp you back to the wonderful world of websites. My lesson from my trip, EXPERIENCE MATTERS. Do your potential customers have to jump through hoops and read through a ridiculous amount of content on your homepage to find what they are looking for? Is looking at your website an enjoyable experience or is it headache inducing?

A few weeks ago, I created an infographic that highlighted 5 elements of a good website. A good website creates a good experience for the user and that matters. If your current website isn’t measuring up or your business doesn’t have one, it’s time to let us help you.
Our goal is to be the Disney of websites. We want to help you market your business online in a hassle-free and affordable (not sure Disney has the affordable part down yet) way. Let us help create a good online experience for your potential customers.




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