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03 Feb

Hold on to Your Dreams

Confession time.  I am a dreamer.  Some might say my head is in the clouds and I need a serious reality check, but I have never cared and I don’t care now.  I believe I can live a happy and productive life, and I do.  I’m not afraid to face danger or insurmountable odds to do the right thing and make the world a better place. I know that if I put my all into something, I can be successful and see my dreams come true.  It doesn’t mean I haven’t had obstacles, I have had many, but I refuse to let my dreams die.

Maybe as an entrepreneur, you can relate.  You had a vision that you put into place or you have a vision that you believe in and want to see come to fruition.  You dream of sustained success.  You want your product, your service, your organization to affect people, to make their lives easier or better, to fill a gap and do it better than anyone else.  You want to support your family and be a leader in your community.  You too are a dreamer.

That is why I love what I do here.  From one dreamer to another, our family run business really does care about helping your dreams come true.  We feel like we have a unique solution for our fellow dreamers, for our fellow entrepreneurs.   

If you are planning to start a business or you have one that is up and running but needs an online presence, we can help.  Clicks & Mortar Websites wants to help you spread the word about your business, your dream.  We have plans for businesses at all levels and we have designed our business to help yours grow. 

 Here’s how: 

1. No down payment.
True story.  We will design, launch, host, and help manage your website for affordable monthly payments. 

2. We will give your websites a redesign/refresh every 3 years for no additional cost.
If you had your website designed 3 or more years ago, it’s probably not mobile friendly.  With the way technology is constantly changing, we want our customers to have the latest recommendations in website design.  All of our websites have a responsive design and look good on all devices and we’ll make sure that as things change in the tech world, your website won’t fall behind in design and functionality. 

3. We can take care of helping you get found online.
The nightmare that is SEO and content marketing isn’t going to end anytime soon.  Having your site optimized is more important than ever to having people find you.  We want you to be able to continue to pursue your dreams without having to worry about the everchanging techniques used to have your website found online.  Let us worry about that while you take the world by storm doing whatever it is you are awesome at doing. 

I’m a dreamer and I am unashamed.  I hope that the hardships of life don’t dull my altruism over time and I hope they don’t for you either.  Let people who understand your hopes and dreams help you achieve them.


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