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16 Sep

How Long Will It Take to Build My Website?

The prospect of having a brand new thing is very exciting! We want to have it as soon as possible. We get anxious. Especially when the waiting process involves the creation of something as important as a website and even more so when we don’t know the technical details involved. Not knowing makes us very uneasy.

That’s why people get suspicious when they shop around looking for someone to set up a website and the answer they get is: “well, that depends.” The answer stops there and we shouldn’t. That’s why here at Clicks & Mortar Websites we’ve decided to go into detail on the reason why you never get a precise answer to such an important question.

Websites can be created either using a template or starting from scratch. The latter takes longer, because it needs to be customized and tested to make sure it will perform well. This could take a couple of weeks, depending on what your website needs and while the best way to do it is identified. Once the foundations are set, designers come in and start adding color, fonts, logos, and to distribute the space where the content will be developed in an appealing way.

Content needs to prepped and optimized as well. Whether it’s pictures, reports or text, they all need to be groomed in order to look appealing and inviting for visitors.  Some companies don’t get involved in this process at all, but we do. We want to make sure everything is on point before your website launches, and that includes checking on the quality of the pictures you want displayed and the writing of your content. We want it to be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ready, meaning that the combination of words in your content will make it possible for it to be one of the main results when people perform related searches online. That would require an analysis of the texts you have attached.

All and all, the process could take some weeks to be completed, but no one can really give you a precise time of delivery. After it’s done, we ask you to review it and see if it matches your expectations, so we can tune in any detail that might have slipped from your vision. Every website starts with a meeting so we can get to know you and what you expect from it. That’s where it all begins. 


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