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21 Sep

It's Time to Get Serious About Security

The latest changes to Google Chrome security are something you should be paying attention to if you have a website. It may be tempting to write off updates to Chrome by thinking that it's only one of a dozen or so browsers people use to access the web. However, Chrome users account for 63% of the world's desktop internet traffic and 47% of mobile browsing. We simply can't ignore how Chrome updates affect our sites.

What is the newest update?
Google Chrome is serious about protecting users from malicious sites and security breaches. That's why they have been releasing more updates related to information submitted on websites and warning users about what may not be secure. This started last year with pages requesting passwords or credit cards. The next update, coming next month, will mark HTTP sites as "not secure" when users type in ANY data.

What does that mean for you as a user?
Your experience will likely not change much, but you will be informed if the sites you type data into are not secure. This is solely for your protection—keeping you safe from sharing any data on unsecured networks.


What does this mean for site owners?
If you currently have a website that asks for ANY information (even contact forms), you'll want to upgrade to an HTTPS. This simple process happens with the company where your URL is registered and is inexpensive.


You can also talk to your developer to get this in place. If you're not sure what steps to take or what you need, get it touch with our team. We'd be happy to take a look at your site and make sure you're ready for the latest Chrome update.

Staying ahead of these updates can be time-consuming and it can be tempting to just ignore it until it becomes an "issue". We know you have lots going on, and this is just one more to do. That's why at Clicks and Mortar Websites, we ensure our clients' sites are up to date and ready for whatever changes are coming.


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