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12 Jun

Should I Manage My Own Website?

Let me set the scene…

You’re a small business owner. You know you need a strong online presence to represent your brand. You already know this includes a professionally designed website. You know this because after you distribute business cards at a networking event or when a potential customer does a search for your business, you want your web presence to accurately represent the amazingness of your business. Having a good website matters and you know it. Keeping your website updated with your company’s latest information matters and you know that too.

Now you are torn. Should you manage your own website after it is developed?

It depends, but for most, probably not. Here’s why:

1. Your time is worth more than what you would pay to hire a company to manage it for you.

You didn't start your business because you are passionate and talented at updating websites. You started a business because you think you can do or make whatever you do or make better than anyone else. So spend your time doing that. Focus your efforts on growing your business and making connections. It’s a better use of your time, talents, and resources.

Having an online presence is important and it should accurately represent the quality of your brand, but there are many affordable ways to get what you need without having put the time in yourself. All of our websites come with 30 minutes of updates to our customers’ websites each month. It’s included in the price of the website! All our customers have to do is relay the information to us and we post the information on their site for them. Updates can be special promotions, upcoming events, past events, mentions in the media, new products or services, etc.

2. We’ll do it better than you will.

Sorry, that’s just the truth. It’s what we do and we’re good at it. Let us do what we are good at while you do what you are good at.

You might have the right content for your site, but we know how to make your content look good. There are many things to consider when laying out and formatting new content for your website, so let us worry about those issues. We design websites day in and day out, and we want you to rest assured that your updates will look as professional as the rest of you site.

3. We’ll do it faster than you.

Although 30 minutes may not seem like a lot of time to you to make updates each month, but posting new information to a site is like breathing to us. We make websites, it’s what we do and we’re good at it.

If your small business needs a updated web presence, we can help. We make affordable websites for small businesses. We include 30 minutes of content updates each month for our customers and a redesign every 3 years to make sure that your website will never be outdated. All of our websites look great on all size devices, including mobile phones, so that customers on the go can learn about what your business has to offer. Call us today at 248-690-6559 or email me at [email protected] if you want to talk about creating an impressive web presence for your business.

Josh is owner and lead developer at Clicks & Mortar Websites. He's an expert in designing and developing websites and loves helping other entreprenuers create a great first impression online. Learn more about working with Josh and his team here.


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