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27 Mar

What’s Wrong With Using Design Templates?

What’s the first think about you’d do if you wanted to set up a website?  Most people would think about how it would look: they envision the background color, think about how the buttons should look and dream of a nice header. Looks, that’s what comes first.

On this day and age there are several platforms that allow you to have a site quite quickly, with just  a few clicks,  and they come with a limited set of options. Since looks are the first thing that will catch our eye, most people would be most concerned about picking the right template for their website. But is using a predesigned, generic template, is not a good way to go. We’ve picked the top 3 reasons why you shouldn’t use a design template:

1.       It’s Not Attractive

Visuals are crucial when it comes to building up a website. The nicer, more appealing a site is, the longer visitors will stay browsing it, checking out the content you’ve made available. But not only does it have to look nice, it has to be unique. What’s different about your website cannot be just the content: there has to be something that it makes it stand out. Is it the colors displayed? The way the content has been arranged? What makes your site different from the thousands of others that look just like yours? People won’t bother reading the beautifully picked material you’ve uploaded: they’ll take a look, say “I’ve seen this before,” and leave in a matter of seconds, without giving your site the benefit of the doubt.

2.       Generic Templates Are Not Tailored For Your Needs

If you’re running an animal shelter, chances are you’d feel the need to upload pictures of all the cats and dogs that are up for adoption. You’d definitely need for your website to have a dynamic way to display all those pictures without making visitors feel overwhelmed by them. You would also want to make sure information about all animals, such as vaccination or previous homes, can be readily displayed without too much of an effort. Usually, templates are very restrictive when it comes to how to arrange content: they are meant to be a starting point and work in a standard way that would adapt for most basic needs, but in no way are they a go to for everyone’s particular needs.

3.       Using a Template Is Time-Consuming

In the long run, you’d spend more time trying to customize the look and feel of your template than having someone else design something that works exactly the way you had intended. Sure, this is an investment, but struggling to learn how to make things work and look the way you want is not a battle worth fighting when you’re trying to expand your business’ reach with a website that would represent who you are and what you do.

Isn’t it better to have a professional take their time and expertise to get things looing just the way you want them to? We happen to know a thing or two about customized web design, tailored for your needs. Just holler and we’ll get in touch with you so we can get your new website going!


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