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04 Aug

Which Colors Should I Use for My Website and Why?

Most website owners assume that web design and web content have the strongest psychological impact on their visitors’ impression, and they are the most crucial communication and sales tool; however, another important feature that is often ignored is the color scheme. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Colors play a huge role on every website. 
The color scheme is a tricky aspect. You must utilize it at the right time, in the right approach, with the right audience, and for the right objective to relay your website’s message effectively, to bring about uniqueness and to create brand awareness.  
For example, if you’re selling toys for kids, you don’t want to use a black website. You should use bright and exciting colors. Shades of red, yellow, and green are perfect. Check out the Toys "R" Us’ website.

Conversely, if you’re selling a product to women, using gray isn’t a cool idea. Perhaps that’s the reason Estee Lauder uses shades of orange and red in their homepage.
And if you’re promoting a product to men, stay clear of orange, pink, purple, and brown. Instead, take advantage of black, blue, or green because they are traditionally associated with masculinity. 

Here are some further color tips that will improve your website conversions:

  • Orange is a fun color that encourages physical motion, competition, and confidence as it sends a sense of drive and urge. This is possible the reason orange is used mainly by sports teams and children’s products.
  • Green is best for eco-friendly and outdoor products as it provides the most intuitive color connection. Green is the color of nature and the environment.
  • Black gives a sense of luxury, splendor and value to your website as it is the color of classiness, sophistication, authority, which is precisely what luxury and high-end websites want you to perceive. 
  • Use blue to promote visitors’ trust as it exudes an elusive message of reliability, sincerity and serenity. In fact, there is extensive agreement among researchers on the psychological effects of the color blue. Use this color on your website and landing pages.
  • Bright primary colors such as red, orange, yellow and green are ideal for your call to action as they have high conversion rates. On the other hand, dark colors such as black, brown, purple and dark gray have low conversion rates. 

For sure, we have favorite colors we tend to incline towards when it comes to our products or services, but only the experienced designers know the importance of evaluating a color scheme based on the meanings of the color concerning the product or service being promoted.

So, if you’re website isn’t resonating, perhaps the web design and content aren’t the problem, it’s the color scheme. The experts at Clicks & Mortar Websites can assess your website. We can perform color changes to your website so it will convert. Call us to set an appointment.



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