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02 Sep

Why Is Your Website More Important Than Your Business Card?

Whether it’s to your providers, potential investors or even competitors, business owners are always supposed to have a business card on them. It is expected. For many years, the design and information contained on that card could mean making or breaking a deal. They have to be professional yet innovative, personal, but not too much; they need to make an unforgettable first impression and contain, in that tiny paper rectangle, everything that you and your business are all about and represent it well.

A business’ website has now come to be an expected element of a business card, as a fax number was back in the day. It’s where the recipients of your cards expect to further learn about you and your venture. However, not every business owner has decided to include it in their card or hasn’t even decided how to represent their website online.

If you could translate all the care, originality and detail you put on your business card, you’re set! Think of a website as a global business card for you and your venture. Since it’s available for everyone to see, its impact is significantly larger than the one your business card can have.

One could argue that there’s a difference, though: you hand your business card to key players: banks, future investors, business partners. A great business card is fundamental to network in your field. We could then say: a website can do that and more for a larger audience!

Your website even works on different levels: it can be a networking tool for those related to your field, but more importantly, it’s the best way to get prospective clientele. Most Internet users will browse online before they make a business decision, to having yours up and showing as one of the top results online could bring you a lot of references, opportunities and customers.


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