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27 Jun

5 Signs Your Website Is Boring

Everything seems to age faster on the Internet. That brand new design trend that was so hot for a minute is seen everywhere after a couple of months and it is not dreaded. A meme you thought was funny makes people roll their eyes now and you just can’t get enough of it. Everything moves at warp speed online and, to be fair, sometimes it’s hard to keep up.

In a world where new websites are popping up by the thousands every day, making sure that your own is captivating and alluring is a must. While necessary in theory, you might like your website as it is, but do others too? You find it easy to use and kinda cute and don’t really wanna change it at all. But, how can you tell if visitors feel the same way? Is there any way you can tell?

Luckily for you, here at Clicks & Mortar Websites we’ve compiled a short list of signs that your website is boring:


1.       It uses a default template

Just like walking down a supermarket chain, where the aisles are set up exactly the same no matter where you go, websites that keep the default template they get when they are first created make visitors feel they’ve seen that same page a million times before. They feel generic, like taken right off a box, with no new experiences to offer.

2.       Old content

It’s always a bit of a shock when you’re checking on a website you’d never seen before and see that the last update was made in 2012. Talk about an online fossil! Visitors feel like Indiana Jones.

3.       Outdated design

There are hundreds of web design trends that have gone stale by now. Photo slides, contact boxes, visible RSS buttons, there’s a ton of widgets and plug-ins that were useful back in the day and now just feel redundant or concerning: is no one keeping an eye on this site? Better take my business elsewhere!

4.       No visitors!

There’s no clearer sign that your site is boring that having no one coming to check on it anymore. Either no one comes to visit anymore or they spend very little time on your site, sometimes just a few seconds and off they go.

5.       Not even yourself!

Let’s be real: sometimes you might forget your business even has a website at all. Your life is hectic enough as it is to even think you have the time to make it pretty and up to date. You might understand it, so do we, but casual visitors will not be that forgiving.


Sometimes websites that were once exciting and brand new lose their appeal because you simply don’t have the time to keep it current and fresh. Sometimes you might worry about it but find it challenging to deal with so many updates and options. Let’s face it: web design costs a pretty penny and most companies or freelances offer it as a one-time service; it’s not like you can come back to them every once in a while to tweak things around.

Luckily, that’s not the way we work. Our plans include access to our team of content creators who can make sure there’s always something new to read, and our designs are so fresh and elegant that visitors will keep coming back for more. Interested? Give us a call!


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