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May 11, 2017

What Your Business Misses by Not Having a Website

Well-established business, especially those that already are city-famous, might be tempted to stay offline for the very same reasons some others decide to go online: they have a steady income, clients are loyal, the place has a reputation that was built without any of today’s flashy tricks. The business is already on the map, so to speak. Creating a website for your business will put it in a larger map, a global one. Wanna know how?

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Apr 10, 2017

What Is the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?

Whenever you decide to have a website created for your business, you are faced with a number of technical decisions that need to be made beforehand: where to store your website, how is it going to look, where to get a particular domain and, more importantly, who is going to build it. How could you tell if this was all new to you? How is web design different from web development?

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Jul 19, 2016

What Makes a Great Website?

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Websites rely on lasting first impressions just like business cards used to. Getting to know what elements separate a great website from an average one could make a huge difference, especially for small NGOs or family-owned businesses. This article summarizes the lengthy discussion of what makes a great website.

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Jun 07, 2016

Can You Keep My Website Updated?

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A website is as interesting as its updates. As new content keeps coming up, visitors get engaged and start coming back more often in order to get the freshest thing out of the oven. Creating content constantly, however, is time-consuming; so is updating an inventory if you’re creating an online shop. Can someone else help you keep your website up to date?

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