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22 Jan

Don't Marry Your Website

Are you married to your website?  Not legally of course, that would be weird.  

3...5...10...15 years ago, did you put up big bucks to have a website designed for your business?  It may have even cost as much as an actual wedding.  Are you starting to notice that it doesn’t look as good on some of the new devices?  Is your design not looking as modern and up-to-date as you wish it did?  After such a large investment, you may feel like you are committed to a lifetime with a website that just isn’t adapting to the ever-changing technologies available.


Here at Clicks & Mortar Websites, we don’t believe you should have to marry your website.  We think you should get one that you like, then, in a few years, add some upgrades, change some of the design, and get a model that is up-to-date with the latest web technologies.  That is why all of our plans include the option to have your website redesigned/refreshed every 3 years at no extra cost.


Did we mention that we design websites for NO MONEY DOWN, only low monthly payments?


Don’t invest all of your time and money to create a website that will inevitably become outdated.



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