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27 Jan

To Do (It Yourself) or Not To Do (It Yourself) - Is that the question?

It is a recurring theme in my family that when we see a piece of furniture or a eat a restaurant, someone inevitably says, “We could make that”.

Fortunately for my family, they are quite handy.  They made their own hot tub, built all of the tables and the dance floor for my wedding, and my mom is a pretty darn good cook.  Sometimes there are a lot of really good reasons to DIY, but here are 3 reasons not to:



1. You have other things to do.


My mom is an amazing cook, but that doesn’t mean she never eats in a restaurant.  Sometimes she would rather spend her time relaxing or working on other projects.  

It’s ok to have other people clean up after you or to eat a creative meal without having to spend 2 hours on Pinterest finding the perfect meal and 2 hours making it.  We are all busy and sometimes it is better to pay someone else to do what you could do.


Same goes for managing your online marketing and content creation.  Could you spend time creating new content for your website and scheduling posts for social media to help your business get found online?  Sure.  I’m guessing that would take time away from pursuing your true passions, the reason you started your business in the first place.



2. Sometimes it’s a disaster.


Rewind back to 2009 when Josh and I got married.  My parents put tons of time and energy into building things from scratch for our wedding including the dance floor which was later recycled into a garden in their backyard (pretty precious right?).  While carpentry may be in their repertoire, tent building is not.  Instead of renting a tent for the backyard, they decided to make a gigantic DIY wedding tent.  Like the saying, “When it rains it pours” has warned us for years, it was literally pouring down rain on the morning of our wedding and took the tent down with it.  While everything worked out in the end, it was stressful and the wind was whipping that tarp on poles all over the place during the reception.



If you aren’t familiar with content marketing or social media strategy, you could actually hurt your business more than help it.  Don’t believe me, here are some serious social media gaffes from 2013



3. It’s not what you are good at.


While not every DIY project is a complete disaster, sometimes it is just unimpressive.  

Sure you can write and maybe you think you’re clever enough to navigate the social media sphere, but will it really make a difference?  Do you have the skills to create content that will help your business get found online and inevitably grow your business?  


One of our values at Clicks & Mortar Websites is “let us do what we do so that you can do what you do”.  We want to partner with you and do what we do best so that you can focus on the things that matter most to you and the success of your business.  Let us create your website and manage your online presence so the rest of us can can enjoy what you have to offer.



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